Teeth Whitening Flagstaff, AZ

Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Simple, Convenient Solutions to Stained, Discolored Teeth

Yellow, stained or discolored teeth are often the source of embarrassment for many patients. Aging, coffee, tea, other beverages, and even certain foods change the appearance of your smile over time. At Flagstaff Laser Dentistry, we provide simple solutions that erase discoloration and brighten your teeth for a beautiful smile. Whether you are short on time or prefer to whiten at your own pace, we have in-office and take-home options available for you.

Teeth Whitening Flagstaff, AZ

“For a patient who doesn’t need a lot of dental work, teeth whitening is a fantastic way of making them more confident in the way they smile.”
Robert Janisse, DDS

In-Office and Take-Home Whitening Services

Choosing a professional service for your whitening offers many benefits over store-bought kits. The level of whitening you can achieve is far greater, and the treatment is much safer since it is professionally managed.
We offer two types of whitening services to meet your needs:

Protect Your Teeth From Staining

Teeth Whitening Flagstaff, AZ
Teeth Whitening in Action

Enhance Your Appearance and Confidence

Teeth whitening is an easy, simple way to enhance your smile, especially when you have very few treatment needs. Whitening offers life-changing benefits like greater confidence when smiling or communicating with others and elevated self-esteem. Whitening from Flagstaff Laser Dentistry is an excellent option for enhancing your smile, no matter the cause of yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is also a great way to boost and brighten your smile for your upcoming wedding, class reunion or just because.

A brilliant, dazzling smile is closer than you think! Contact us today for your whitening consultation.

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