Laser Dentistry Flagstaff, AZ

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry Go Far Beyond Your Smile

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A Modern Solution to a Variety of Dental Needs

Are you putting off dental treatment due to fear of pain or a lengthy recovery time? With laser dentistry, you no longer have to. Laser technology offers a modern solution to a number of oral health needs. At Flagstaff Laser Dentistry, we offer expert laser dentistry services to help you and your family reach your best smiles yet. Laser has revolutionized the dental experience for patients. Its use delivers more comfortable visits and a faster return to oral health.

Laser Dentistry Flagstaff, AZ

“By using a laser for periodontal procedures I can get the body to heal better than most periodontal procedures would. Lasers use the body’s natural healing response to regrow bone.”
Robert Janisse, DDS

Expert Laser Services for Patients of All Ages

Simply put, laser has changed many aspects of dentistry. It lets us be more precise, perform advanced dental procedures and treat specific sites without impacting surrounding areas.
We offer the following laser procedures to improve your oral health and smile:

  • Laser Gum Disease Treatment

    We use our powerful laser to vaporize bacteria and diseased tissue when treating moderate to advanced gum disease.

  • Peri-Implantitis Treatment

    Our BIOLASE® IPlus laser and REPaiR™ protocol are used to treat peri-implantitis, an oral infection that threatens dental implants.

  • Crown Lengthening

    We use our precision laser to gently sculpt the gum line and underlying bone. This treatment is used to eliminate a “gummy smile” or enable access to deep decay or damage on a tooth.

  • Frenectomy

    A laser frenectomy removes a lip- or tongue-tie, without the need for incisions and sutures. This procedure is often performed for pediatric patients.

  • Cavity Removal/Filling Preparation

    We trade the drill for gentle laser technique when removing tooth decay and preparing for fillings. This laser service is especially great for younger patients.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Our advanced laser activates professional-grade whitening solutions to reveal the bright, white smile of your dreams!

  • Laser Assisted Root Coverage

    Flapless, graftless, root coverage of recession, utilizing the laser combined with an innovative tunneling procedure. Procedures can normally be completed in one to two hours with minimal discomfort post-operatively

Greater Comfort Means Better Dental Experiences

Laser dentistry lets you and your family enjoy many amazing benefits. With laser, we can often avoid the use of drills, scalpels and sutures. The amount of anesthetic needed for procedures is significantly reduced, as laser is less invasive than traditional techniques. Look forward to less bleeding, nearly pain-free visits and results that get you back to enjoying life in no time!

The Proof is in our Patients

Laser Dentistry Flagstaff, AZ
Michelle's Experience With Laser Dentistry

Let our laser services ease your dental stress and fear! Call now to learn more about how your family can benefit from laser dentistry.

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