Root Canals Flagstaff, AZ

Our Gentle Root Canal Treatment Saves Teeth and Restores Smiles

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Timely Root Canal Therapy Reduces Tooth Pain and Eliminates Infection

Is a toothache or tooth pain keeping you from enjoying a happy, healthy smile? An infected tooth is often the source of pain in the mouth. Treating such an infection in a timely manner is extremely important to your oral and general health. When bacteria invade the center portion of a tooth, infection results and can travel down the roots and leak into the underlying bone. Leaving an infected tooth untreated increases the risk of tooth loss, bone damage and even systemic illness. Root canal treatment is needed to remove the infection, restore health to your smile and save your tooth from extraction.

Compassionate Root Canal Care in a Relaxed, Comfortable Environment

Root Canals Flagstaff, AZ
Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Dr. Robert Janisse has 23 years of dental experience, and uses his advanced skill and expertise when performing root canal therapy. We make the root canal process as simple as possible. With special instruments, we clean infected tissue from the center of the tooth and place a soothing filling material. This strengthens the tooth from within and restores oral function. Root canal treated teeth may become brittle, and often need crowns to protect from breakage.
Signs and symptoms a root canal may be needed:

  • Tooth pain
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Trauma or injury
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Deep decay

Modern Dental Techniques Create Positive Root Canal Experiences

At Flagstaff Laser Dentistry, we take your care and comfort very seriously. Our compassionate team has created a friendly, comfortable environment, that places you right at ease the second you step through our door. Today’s modern dental techniques make having a root canal easy, comfortable and more convenient than in years past. In fact, root canal therapy today is really no different than receiving a crown or other restorative treatment. Sedation services are also available to ensure your total comfort and relaxation.

Your oral health is our priority. Call now for an appointment to evaluate the source of your tooth pain.

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